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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Endless Love .. Forever Loving You Ya Rasulullah SAW

Have you wondered at the love story of an ugly man, not handsome in the eyes of human, a negro and born to be a pauper ?

Have you ever thought of the love of an ugly man, not good looking, a negro and a pauper have a response from the noblest and respectful human on earth whose face like a beating rays of a beautiful moon ?

His love was requited from a most noble human, more nobleness over the aristocrats and royal highness.

……. The saga begins ……..

****City of Badariaan, Syria****

Through midnight, a man suddenly wakes up from his sleep. His body damp with sweat. With anxious faces, he recites tasbih, tahlil and tahmid. Slowly, gently he put his both hands to the face, hiding the tears flowing from his eyes.

Yearning nudging his heart. He feels like just shouting out loud.

"Muhammad, I am missing you !!!!!!"

The man kneeling bow at the place he used to lie down, sobbing and shred with tears. His yearning is unbearable. Like thorns piercing his heart. Painful, bitterness and crushed. Though it was just a short dream, yet it adds more melancholic and despondency to his heart.

“Are you so heartless, O my beloved? Or is it not the time yet for your visit to cure the longing in your heart?”

The words of the Prophet who speak with a gentle voice, full of warmth and affection in the dream earlier, buzzing in his ears.

“O Messenger of ALLAH. Not that I do not miss you. But the memories of tears and joy when we were together are torturing me. I had no choice but to leave Medina along with bittersweet memories of us, to live in Syria, for my lonely heart of yearning pain while upholding the struggle to continue your teachings.”

Moans the man whispered in a tone of melancholy and dejected, alone in the dilapidated rooms, with the darkness that enveloped the night. Then he got up. After performing the night prayers, he accelerating his horse rapidly leaving the village Badariaan, Syria to Medina.

Along the way, the sweet memories with the Prophet projected in his mind. Accompany by tears and zikrullah, without looking tired and listless, he continued to drive his horse into the city of Medina. Medina, the city of light who witness the unity of Islamic brotherhood based on the word of Tawheed, and a beautiful memory with the greatest Love of God, Muhammad bin Abdullah, Peace Be Upon Him


*****City of Medina******

While other people are pampered in their dreams, a man steps down from his horse. Seems, he is just arrived from a long journey. With a slow pace of his footsteps, he walks towards the Masjid Nabawi where the body of a noble and the greatest love of ALLAH, Muhammad bin Abdullah, Peace Be Upon Him resting in peace.

As he gets closer to the Prophet grave, his steps weaken. Stream of tears flowing from his eyes. The closer to the grave of the Prophet, the more it struck him with sadness and longing. Bittersweet memories of human struggle with the noblest has put his love for the Prophet above all else.

At the grave of the Prophet, the man tired body fell to his knees, bowed. His hand on his chest embrace choked. He kisses the Prophet tombstone as he is kissing the hands of the greatest love of ALLAH, Rasulullah Peace Be Upon Him. The more jaded heart, and then he whisper.

"My longing for my lover ... I miss that when we are together. Until now, your voice is heard speaking gently educated me, stroking my spirit and soul. At the time I was in contempt, you come and offering me glory. At the time I was in need, you come to bring me wealth. At the time I bleed, you come to heal my wounds. At the time I was desperate, you come and offering me space. At the time I was threatened, you come to give me protection. At the time I was disappointed, you give me hope. At the time I was in grievances, you come and cry with me. I really miss you. Miss your smile. Miss your love. Longing for your caress. I missed the struggled with you. Love to meet you. Because everything that comes from you is nothing but sincerity is to reconcile the heart of every human being. "

The moaning continues. His heart was crushed into dust due to his longing of the beloved Rasulullah PBUH. Without realizing it, a pair of hands hugged him from behind. The man turned. It appeared to be two youths who are not foreign to him. Two youths staring at him with a sweet smile. Saidina Hasan and Saidina Hussain...

Then the man embraced and kissing the two youths, the grandsons to the beloved Rasulullah PBUH. Bilal used to see the Prophet PBUH smiles while playing with his grandchildren. The grandchildren happiness is the Prophet pleasures. Although the prophet has gone long, the smiles of his grandchildren remind him to the greatest Love of God, Muhammad PBUH smiles. The excellent meeting evoke longing that cannot be confined to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Then Hassan and Hussain said :

"O Bilal, strong human beliefs. Your verbal remains reflecting your faith although your body was torture and death incarnate. We really miss your voices reciting the azan. The voice that had echoed in the days of our grandparents. O Bilal, we ask, on the basis of our longings and yourself, and all the people of Medina, City of Light. Please preach azan for us with your voice.”

The man startled with the request of the two youngsters. Since the death of his beloved Prophet PBUH, since then he did not preach that prayer. The memories and wistful remembering of a loved one are as bitter as he was the muezzin to the Prophet PBUH.

However, the demand comes from the grandchildren of the Prophet PBUH. They are the heart and source of light and fun to the Prophet PBUH when in mourning period. The Prophet PBUH never disappoints them when they ask. Even the Prophet PBUH could extend bowed in prayer while his grandchildren playing on his back.

Although the request made by the two youngsters, grandchildren of the Prophet PBUH are difficult to deliver. He could not offend the Prophet's favourite gems request, the sons of Fatimah, and the pearl of the most beloved king. Refusing Hassan and Hussein request means refusing the Prophet PBUH.

Slowly he walked weakly to climb ladders to the tower of the Prophet mosque. With all his soul, strengthened his heart, he stands in the place that had been his place to chanting call for the prayers at the time of the Prophet PBUH. Another sweet, yet turning bitter memories. Tears still flowing down from his eyes, to his cheeks and beard. Slowly he pulled his breath.….


The call of prayer echoed early morning throughout the city of Medina. The call of prayer from a man who used to be the muezzin of the Prophet PBUH. The voice from the man whose heart in yearning, veil with melancholy and sadness. The voice embroidered with tears. The voice that amazed and stunned the citizen of Medina. Like time stops for a moment. Impressed with mixed emotions. This is the voice that has echoes in The Prophet's Mosque once before, when the Prophet was alive. These voices have been raised to believe in the spirit of the people towards the success, gathered at the Mosque of the Prophet, prayer, together with the Prophet. What will be at that time, the Muslims of the Prophet as a priest, led the congregation praying, and listening to the reading of Quran verses by the noble Prophet, to intercede for his followers. All sweet memories with the Prophet appearing in their mind one at a time of deep conscience of the entire population of Medina.

Lugubrious melancholy. ... ... ... ..


The longing.

The loss of the beloved Prophet

May the blessings and peace be upon the Prophet.

One by one the people of Medina shed tears of longing. Sadness and mixed emotions that come hitting hard into their heart. Newly yesterday, they were in joy and cheerful on the streets of the city. By dawn everything changes. Sweet smiles turn sour. No more love to exchange as the source of love has long time gone.


Saidina Bilal continues his calling for prayer. His voice resounded in the sky traveling in the city of Medina. His voice tremble and choking. The citizens of Medina break into tears. Their inner scream as if chanting:




I LOVE YOU ... ... ... ... ... ...

The atmosphere of sadness surrounds Medina. No more laughter’s of young children. No more jokes decorate amusement. It is the day of tears ………

Bilal fell to his knees. Burst into tears. Weeping. Not able to proceed with the azan for his unbearable sense of longing. His heart and soul crushed like being hit by the hurricane turbulence. That day is the day of yearning. The day of tears and sorrows. The day the citizens of Medina remembering the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.......


Dear brothers and sisters.

We are in the month of Rabiul Awwal. The month the Prophet PBUH was born. Although the Prophet PBUH has long gone, be the Prophet remains live in our heart. Let us uphold his struggle. Disseminate dakwah to ourselves, our families and communities. In order for us to return to the Almighty ALLAH the Omnipresence, in happiness and forgiveness. May ALLAH’s blessing be with us.

O Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon You

Madrasah Darus Syifa

4 February 2011

10.48 pm

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